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Welcome and thank you for visiting Cash Box. The purpose for this site is to show you how you can actually make money from home. After reading this webpage you have any questions, feel free to contact me at I am real and have made money from these methods.

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What is Cashcrate?

Cashcrate is a website that pays you for answering surveys and also has a very lucrative referral program. I know that there are a million websites that claim to pay you for answering surveys but they almost never amount to any extra income. Cashcrate actually can create a solid amount of income for you and take some pressure off your shoulders during these hard times.

All you need to start an account and being making money is an email address. It requires NO credit card and is completely risk free and Cashcrate won't ask you for money. I can promise you this is 100% legit. Below is a picture of my first check for $488.82. I earned this in 2 weeks while trying to figure out what was the most effective way to make money with Cashcrate.

Why am I helping you?

You may ask what would I gain from helping you make as much financial gain as possible. For referring you, I get a bonus depending however much you make. So if you complete a 50 cent survey, you receive the full 50 cent survey, I also will receive an additional 10 cents.  So you can see that it is my best interest to help you make as much money as possible as fast as possible using Cashcrate. So feel free to contact me as much as you need at

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